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haven’t straightened my hair for days ~~~
this is what i do when im bored
the grove 💜☀ (Taken with Instagram)
one love 💜 (Taken with Instagram)
Santa monica 🌴☀💜 (Taken with Instagram)
forever 21 💜 (Taken with Instagram)
 (Taken with Instagram)
☀ (Taken with Instagram)
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Submitted by eternalsimplicity.

Summer 2012 Wishlist ☀

listen to cool music

have adventures

go to the beach 

go to disneyland

hang with friends

get a henna tatto

get tan

go to a concert

go to the del mar fair

buy cool swimwear

get absss

make money

save up money for shopping 

get slurpees like 24/7

go to belmont

go to a waterpark

go to the pool

ride a roller coaster

meet new people

go to a bonfire

take lots of pictures

take a train and stop somewhere random

go to santa monica pier with friends

have a night time adventure

be spontaneous 

be happy

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